STEM Bus -  A partnership between RAF Cosford and Tablet Academy.

RAF Cosford STEM Bus Programme

The aim of the RAF Cosford STEM Bus is to deliver a range of free and paid for events for schools, RAF families and community groups. Providing them with access to technology and a range of engaging learning activities such as Aeronautical Engineering, Minecraft, Computing, Virtual Reality and Robotics in order to stimulate an interest in Engineering and other STEM related subjects.

With engaging workshops delivered by Tablet Academy teachers and/or RAF STEM Ambassadors it is hoped that the STEM Bus will inspire and encourage young people to get involved in STEM subjects and raise awareness of STEM careers.

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STEM Bus News

The RAF STEM Bus team and partners are excited to announce that our application for support from The Institution of Engineering & Technology and Institution of Mechanical Engineers has been successful. This means that in addition to the generous funding from the RAF Benevolent Fund, these funds will enable us to introduce more children to the exciting world of STEM especially those from RAF families serving at RAF Cosford and RAF Shawbury and rural communities across the Midlands.

Tablet Academy to demonstrate exclusively and for the 1st time in the UK the amazing Brixo Building Bricks. Bring your LEGO® creations to life with Brixo Building Bricks. The unique bricks conduct electricity enabling children to add working circuits to any creation without the need for wires. Brixo have joined the STEM Bus programme to help educate and inspire children.

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The STEM Bus will have its first public outing on Sunday 11th June at the popular RAF Cosford Airshow. Airshow visitors will have the opportunity to jump on board and enjoy a range of taster STEM Activities including Virtual Reality and unique electric building bricks (first in the U.K.).

The STEM Bus visits Oldbury Wells School to support a transition day with a difference.

Students from Oldbury Wells School along with children from nearby Primary Schools were treated to a day of activities themed around BBC’s Doctor Who.

During the workshops students created their own Sonic Screwdrivers using the BBC micro:bit and designed their own rockets to defend the Earth against Dalek invasions.

Screenshot of Simple Planes App

Tablet Academy have teamed up with STEM Ambassadors from RAF Cosford to offer schools, colleges and other organisations the opportunity to host, or take part in, a free Aeronautical Engineering Festival. These festivals offer teachers and pupils (Years 5, 6 ,7 and 8) the opportunity to experience a range of exciting STEM activities and inspire them to explore in more detail Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths back at school.

Click here for more information about our free Aeronautical Engineering Festival

Frequently Asked Questions

In May 2017, RAF Cosford partnered with Tablet Academy to convert the bus into a mobile STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) classroom through which to co-develop and co-deliver a range of exciting, hands-on activities at schools and public events throughout the Midlands.

It’s purpose is to bring STEM experiences to children of all ages and in doing so help close future skills gap identified within the UK STEM industries.

The technology on-board such as 3D Printers, tablet computers, robots, interactive touch panels and more have been kindly donated by a number of industry partners with financial support from the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).

If you would like information on having the bus visit your school or your company would like to sponsor a STEM Bus visit in your area then please email

The STEM Bus travels to schools and public events within a 30 mile (approximate) radius of RAF Cosford.

To see if we can bring the STEM Bus to you, run map search for directions from the postcode TF11 8UP to your location.

The 30 mile limit is only approximate and as such if you are just outside of this area then still enquire and we will see if we can accommodate.

If your school hosts or attends a Learning Festival run on the bus there is no cost involved.

Learning Festivals delivered on the bus are free of charge thanks to the kind support from our industry partners.

If your school or community would like to book the STEM Bus for your event, there may be a minimal charge from the RAF to cover fuel and maintenance. Please use the enquiry form below to share details of your request and we will get back to you regarding any costs involved.

If you wish for Tablet Academy to be involved in developing and delivering your event a minimal fee of £600 (+VAT) is required.

All education activities delivered on the STEM Bus have been created by experienced Tablet Academy Teachers or RAF STEM Ambassadors well versed in all aspects of engineering.

Each activity is designed to challenge young people to explore a specific area of STEM and involves the use of a range of technologies.

For an example programme please visit our Aeronautical Engineering Festival web page.


Photo of RAF Cosford STEM Bus in Hanger

RAF Cosford opened in 1938 as a joint aircraft maintenance, storage and technical training unit. Situated in the picturesque countryside of Shropshire, RAF Cosford is not only home to No 1 School of Technical Training as part of the Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering but also to the Aerosystems Engineering and Management Training School and No 1 Radio School, with all three coming under the Defence College of Technical Training. The RAF School of Physical Training and the Defence School of Photography are also based here at Cosford. RAF Apprenticeships, as delivered at RAF Cosford, were recently recognised as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted.

Tablet Academy Logo

Tablet Academy is a platform agnostic organisation whose aim is to assist institutions in transforming teaching and learning through the integration and application of new and existing technologies. Offering a range of consultancy, training, and pupil engagement services, our team of experienced educators support over 700 institutions and provide professional development courses to over 12,000 teachers a year.

The range of Tablet Academy Services include Strategic Senior Leadership Consultancy, Teaching with Technology Skills Audits, Professional Development, Accredited Training, Curriculum Development, Project Based Learning and Student Enrichment Days.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology Logo

The Institution of Engineering and Technology is one of the world’s largest engineering institutions with over 168,000 members in 150 countries. It is also the most interdisciplinary – to reflect the increasingly diverse nature of engineering in the 21st century. Energy, transport, manufacturing, information and communications, and the built environment: the IET covers them all.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers was established in 1847 and has some of the world’s greatest engineers in its history books. It is one of the fastest growing professional engineering institutions. Headquartered in London, we have operations around the world and over 115,000 members in more than 140 countries working at the heart of the most important and dynamic industries such as the automotive, rail, aerospace, medical, power and construction industries.



The STEM Bus Programme would not be possible without the support of the following Industry Partners…

HP Education Logo

Technology Solutions

Providing hardware for educational institutions around the world, pushing the boundaries of innovation and empower learners to achieve more.

At HP, we understand students engage and succeed when their education is as unique as they are: flexible and personalised to their individual learning needs. Our education solutions offer students everywhere, all-the-time access to the content, curricula, and collaboration they need to enable true learning.

Wave 9 Logo

Managed ICT Solutions

Wave 9 was estabilshed in 2013 by five founders with extensive experience in providing tailored and cost effective educational ICT services.

As a leading provider of Managed ICT Infrastructure Services to schools and academies, we provide a full suite of services with flexible payment options; from Broadband and Filtering, Telephony and Wireless Networking, to Managed Hybrid Cloud and Server platforms and in-school technical support.

Avocor Logo

Interactive Solutions

Avocor are dedicated to creating interactive and innovative ‘Front of Class’ Solutions that enhance collaboration and learning in the classroom.

Avocor designs, develops and manufactures market leading technology solutions designed for education. We specialise in providing next generation interactive touch screens and associated products that provide an unrivalled experience for educational institutions.


RAF Museum Cosford Logo

Royal Air Force Museum

Over 70 aircraft of international importance are housed in three Wartime Hangers and within the National Cold War Exhibition.

The Royal Air Force Museum Cosford is located in Shropshire and offers a fun, entertaining day out for the entire family. Situated next to an active airfield, this is the only place in the Midlands where you can get close to so many breathtaking aircraft for free.

RM Education Logo

ICT Support for Schools

RM Education make technology work for your teaching and learning needs.

From flexible ICT support, teaching and learning apps and essential infrastructure hardware; to the UK’s most popular network and progressive cloud-based school MIS, RM Education is a trusted advisor and valued ICT partner to thousands of schools here in the UK.

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A New Way to Code

With CloudProfessor, we give everyone the opportunity to see how easy it can be to design the next great invention.

Acer CloudProfessor allows you to choose between a variety of programming languages, including JavaScript, LiveCode, as well as Blockly, which provides younger learners with the visual interface they need to start understanding the Internet of Things.



The RAF STEM Bus is available to hire for an event or a visit to your school.
The availability is dependent on RAF resources and RAF STEM Ambassadors commitments.

Please complete the form below to inquire about hiring the STEM Bus.

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