An apprenticeship programme that helps schools embed and maintain and the use of technology in the classroom.

This unique programme has been developed with the support of Head Teachers and Business Managers in order to meet the specific requirements of schools. A Teacher’s Apprentice receives training and ongoing support from the Tablet Academy in focussing on the use of technology in teaching the curriculum, and technical training and support from an IT provider, who could be the school’s current provider or a new provider.

Entry Level

Apprentice Salary of £6,700
All apprentices receive ongoing training, mentoring and support from PrimaryGoal and Tablet Academy to ensure they have a positive impact whilst completing their 14-month programme.


Apprentice Salary of £6,700 plus £3,000
Schools committing to the Enhanced Apprenticeship will receive direct support from Tablet Academy which includes strategic consultancy, teacher training and student enrichment programmes.

Apple Specialist

Apprentice Salary of £6,700 plus £3,000
The Apple Specialist Programme includes the enhanced support from Tablet Academy and technical support from MCC Digital an Apple Solutions Company specialising in Education.

Reclaim your apprenticeship LEVY contributions to cover the cost of your apprentice's training

For numerous reasons the use of technology is not easily embedded in teaching the curriculum and many of these are common across schools:
  • Lack of specialist IT skills within the school
  • Unreliable hardware or software
  • Poor or irregular IT support
  • Lack of training
  • Irregular access to technology
  • Little experience and low confidence amongst teaching staff
  • Limited opportunities to learn and practice with new solutions
The role of a Teacher's Apprentice is designed to address the barriers outlined above by:
  • Providing on-site technical support 5 days a week, maintaining the technology and acting as the coordinator to your remote IT support
  • Working with teachers to co-plan and co-deliver lessons using the technology
  • Preparing technology in advance of lessons and ensuring work is saved
  • Establishing and delivering extra-curricular STEM clubs
  • Researching the latest developments in Education Technology and testing solutions in school without impacting on teaching and learning
  • Accessing regular training and remote support from Tablet Academy
  • Run informal technology evangelism sessions for fellow staff

Apprenticeship Models

Schools can choose additional Tablet Academy or Apple Specialist support to enhance their Teacher's Apprenticeship Programme. In addition to the standard apprentice salary, the following annual subscriptions are payable per institution irrespective of how many apprentices the school hires.
  • “What we wanted was for IT to go through all the different subjects and our previous provider really wasn’t able to give us that option. We worked with Primary Goal and they put together a package that would enable our vision really to become reality”

    Robbie Walker Headmaster – John Shelton Primary School

  • “We have been part of Primary Goal since it was first established, and we love the Apprenticeship Programme, having young IT enthusiasts working in school supporting staff and inspiring children.”

    Jill O’Connor, Headteacher, Manor Park Primary School, Coventry

  • “It has got to the point where the apprentice is a member of staff we cannot do without in regards to technical support and also curriculum support.”

    Patrick Luke, Assistant Deputy Headteacher, Parkgate Primary School, Coventry

What's The Process?

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Once a candidate has been selected they will complete an online training programme designed to prepare the young person for working in a school. The school may also request the apprentice begins their role with a work experience position to ensure they are suitable for the school.

Tablet Academy support school leadership to identify a strategy for the use of technology within the school and align the responsibilities of the apprentice to help achieve these.

When the apprentice begins their 14 month programme, Primary Goal ( and Tablet Academy if enhanced programme) will support the school and apprentice to identify priorities and where the young person can have an impact.

Whilst in post at the school the apprentice will have access to remote support from Primary Goal for technical problems and curriculum support from Tablet Academy. The Apprentice will also attend a training day delivered by Tablet Academy one day per month.

On-site training and support from Tablet Academy experienced educators is provided in areas identified by the school. This may include staff training, experience days for students or further consultancy for leadership.

The apprenticeship lasts for 14 months. After this period the school can decide to employ the apprentice, to end the contract, or to recruit a new apprentice from Primary Goal.

Donwload Example Training Programme

Tablet Academy 12 days of Training